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Tooth Extractions at Select Smiles

Extractions can be safely performed on teeth that are impacted, severely decayed or weakened.

Tooth Extractions at Select Smiles

At Select Smiles, we take a conservative approach to dentistry. We believe in avoiding the extraction of teeth unless it’s necessary and no other options will suit. We’ll go over all possible alternate treatments first before making a decision with you about how to proceed.

A Comfortable Procedure

With new technology, teeth that once required extraction may be saved thanks to root canal treatments or the placement of dental crowns. If there is no other choice, extraction can be performed on teeth that are impacted, severely decayed or weakened or that have blocked adult teeth from coming through. It may also be necessary for some orthodontic treatment to proceed.

Once we’ve completed the extraction, we can replace the tooth to prevent other teeth from drifting or chewing difficulties that can arise. These options may include dental implants or bridges.

Local and general anaesthetic are available at our state-of-the-art facility to ensure that you stay comfortable through the entire procedure.

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